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Choose Parakletos

by Nick Hawkins, Physical Therapist

A few weeks ago I worked the Hot Rock basketball camp down in Adrian, MI. This is a free “basketball” camp for kids in the community. The reason I put quotations around basketball is because it is less about basketball and more about life. As I headed down to work the camp I was excited about being able to uplift the kids, what I did not realize is how much the kids would uplift me. The whole camp is designed around uplifting, encouraging, and motivating the kids. Basketball was secondary.

The theme of the camp was parakletos. Parakletos is a New Testament Greek word that literally means called to one’s side. In the Bible it is commonly referred to as an advocate or literally coming to one’s side and being of service. This was a powerful lesson to teach the kids while relating it to basketball and life in general. The kids were taught to come along side of a friend or teammate. Mistakes will happen, kids will be bullied, friends will need help. Choose parakletos. Choose to stand up and advocate.

Are we being parakletos? Are we coming along side of someone who is struggling? Are we advocating for someone who is down and out? Are we leading by example? What I learned from this camp is not to be the type of person who stands by with a judgmental eye when somebody is struggling. Don’t be the type of leader or coach who stands on the sidelines pointing and screaming to get things done. Take small steps today to choose parakletos. Come alongside one with a servants heart. You will be amazed at how uplifted your spirit will be.



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