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Elbow Pain

Elbow Fracture

Elbow fracture can occur as a result of a trauma, such as a fall while you’re playing sports or while you’re just walking on a sidewalk. Fractures due to falls happen most often when people stretch the arm straight out to catch themselves as they fall. When you fall on the ground, the force travels up through the wrist, hand, and forearm and into the elbow. Fracture also can occur if you fall directly on the elbow itself.

There are 3 types of bone fractures:

  • Type I – a “nondisplaced” fracture, where the bone has a break but is still in normal position.
  • Type II – a fracture where a fragment of bone is shifted from its normal position.
  • Type III – the most serious type of fracture, because there are multiple breaks of the bone.

Type I and II fractures usually are treated without surgery, but type III fractures usually require surgery.

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