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Our bodies are remarkably interconnected from the nose to the toes. So why does traditional physical therapy ignore this essential fact? Our science based approach to restoring you to complete comfort and function is based on it. We evaluate not only the pain you’re feeling, but also how your entire body movement contributes to your pain. We identify solutions within the complex relationship of the body’s many moving parts. This is very different than traditional physical therapy services that focus only on the site of pain through a battery of one-size-fit-all exercises or machines that claim to relieve pain. At Superior Physical Therapy we go deeper. We work with your unique anatomy to bring lasting results, faster and we empower you to learn movements that you can perform on your own so you don’t rely on us.


Click on the injury or impairment that’s holding you back and discover how our experts can achieve dramatic results, and do so far more quickly than you might have thought

Superior Physical Therapy offers out-patient physical therapy in a calm and relaxed setting. Movement based physical therapy is for individuals looking to improve and/or maximize their mobility following an injury, a surgery, a pain cycle, or an illness that has negatively impacted their movement. Superior takes time to understand who you are, how you are moving now, and what you can do to feel better. At Superior we will create a plan of care specifically for you utilizing a combination of education, manual therapy, specific movements, and exercise.The Superior team utilizes a unique approach to Soft Tissue Therapy, we utilize advanced “HANDS ON” techniques that facilitate correct posture and body mechanics. This technique is called Functional Manual Reaction (FMR), which is soft tissue work combined with specific therapeutic movements. In order to be certified in FMR, physical therapists must complete a 40-week mentorship program with the Gray Institute. This technique is designed to work WITH, not against, the natural functions of the body to promote healing and relieve pain while assisting you to understand why an injury occurred and how to prevent it from recurring.Each session is spent exclusively with a Physical Therapist that utilizes a variety of hands-on soft tissue techniques to release areas of congestion, tightness, and scaring of involved structures. Our focus is to return the soft tissues to their healthy texture, tension and length in order for them to function optimally and pain-free. The results are equally impressive for the sedentary worker as well as the world-class athlete.