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Hip Pain

Do you find it difficult to walk or stand?

Are you suffering with hip pain and you live in Traverse City?  Do you find it difficult to walk or stand for long periods due to your hip pain? Have you been diagnosed with arthritis in the hip? Have you been told that a hip replacement is the only option? Have you tried medication and injections to relieve your hip pain but it only lasted a few days or weeks?  Have you been told that you have hip bursitis?  Is it uncomfortable for you to lay on your side?

If you live in Traverse City and answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place and we can help.  We are hip pain specialists right here in Traverse City and are trained specifically to understand the relationships between your hips and the rest of the body.  The reality is that most health care providers are limited in what they can offer as it relates to hip pain treatment which include medications, injections, and surgery.  These treatment options only alter the problem or mask the pain.  They do not get to the source of the problem.  In fact, we are seeing a sky rocketing increase in hip replacement surgeries (150% increase in 10 years) and many of them are unnecessary.  We are hearing more and more surgeons in Traverse City using words such as bone on bone to describe what we now know as natural arthritis which scares patients into thinking there is no other option.  In fact new research indicates that 60% of people who are pain free have images indicating hip arthritis.  Hip arthritis is not a reason to go straight to a hip replacement. The reality is that the hips are intimately connected to the rest of the body.  Areas such as your foot and ankle as well as your upper trunk region can have a huge influence on how your hips functions.  The hip itself often losses mobility or strength and when restored can provide complete pain relief, without the high-risk treatments such as surgery or injections.

Hip bursitis when treated correctly is one of the easiest pain conditions to relieve.

The problem is that most providers are focusing on the bursa of the hip itself when the root of the problem is occurring in other areas.  Bursitis is a result of increased friction on the lateral aspect of the hip.  This friction is increased because other parts of the hip have stopped working properly.  Injections and medications will never eliminate hip bursitis.  Identifying the movement dysfunction is the key.

If you are interested in finding natural ways to relieve your hip pain consider contacting the hip pain specialists here in Traverse City.

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