Is There Hope For Back Pain and Sciatica Sufferers?


Is There Hope For Back Pain and Sciatica Suffers?

Is There Hope for Back Pain and Sciatica Sufferers? How We Can Tell if It’s Possible that a Person Can Heal Naturally.

When you study the dismal outcomes of lower back surgeries (50% failure rate) I can see how it is easy to think there is no hope. Or even the pain medication epidemic that is currently happening in this country do to painful conditions like lower back pain. But I’m here to tell you that there is so much hope that there are not words to describe. That’s why in later chapters we put down some success stories in other peoples words just to try and share how much hope there really is.
As a physical therapist, one of the first things we look at in helping someone with back pain and sciatica is the activity that produces the pain. The most common activities that cause low back pain in order are
• Sitting
• Standing
• Walking
• Going up and down the stairs
• Sleeping
• Getting up in the morning
• Getting dressed
• Leaning forward
• Golfing
• Lifting
• Running
• Crossing on leg over the other
• Putting on shoes and socks
• Stopping or kneeling
So if you have any of these then we have very very bad news……There’s HOPE for you:)

Truths of Low Back Pain: If the pain is reproducible, it is reducible.
Basically what that means is that if you have pain with motion, then the pain can be relieved by identifying how the motion is occurring improperly and then improving the motion which will relieve the pain. Physical Therapists are movement experts and musculoskeletal experts. Our entire job is to improve human motion in order to relieve pain. So there is hope for you if you have pain with motion. If the pain is all the time and not changed at all with motion it is more difficult and could be more serious and you would want to get to a physician to be evaluated.
The deal is that everyone’s body has the ability to heal itself if given the correct environment. So when someone has pain with motion and it is not healing on its own, the motion is the cause of the pain. So we must look at the motion and identify what parts of the body are not moving optimally. When parts of the body begin to not move optimally they place stress on other parts of the body (the lower back). All lower back pain can heal no matter what type or cause. The challenge is finding the type and the cause. This can be done and there is hope.


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