Keith the Movement Specialist


Keith the Movement Specialist

Keith the Movement Specialist

“Stay in Motion, Always Be in Motion”

Keith Bandli has been with Superior since the beginning. Always telling people, “I was Andrew’s first employee if you don’t count his wife Erin.”

In that time, Keith has helped so many people find pain free motion. Let’s see what our patients think of Keith!

Martha McMann

I have been in pain for my entire life. I was involved in an accident almost 17 years ago. Before PT here at Superior I could barely walk most days. Couldn’t stand and was just uncomfortable with everything that I had to do. I has only been a couple of months here and I now do everything that I could as a child. I can walk, run, stand, sit…etc. I feel amazing! I cannot thank Superior enough, especially Nathaniel and Keith! – Martha McMann

Bill Queen

Prior to PT my pain was severe and I could not move my shoulder. It hurt to do most daily tasks like dressing, walking, sleeping and reaching. I noticed improvement right away. After my first week I could reduce my pain med use. Medicine was eliminated after my third week! Movement improved weekly along with pain reduction. As for my experience with PT – it was great! Megan and Keith were easy to work with, very knowledgeable, caring and encouraging. They eased me into activities that stretched my limits without causing me much discomfort. I will recommend both and Superior PT to my friends who be in need. Thank you! – Bill Queen

Gloria Pyne

I want to thank Keith for helping take away the pain I was experiencing when I came to therapy. My foot was just a small portion of my problems. While working on my strengthening for my foot, Keith was able to assess that my pelvis was not mobile. As it turned out getting more mobility in my pelvis took away my other issues and gave me more energy toward my daily activities without a lot of pain. Thanks Keith! – Gloria Pyne

If you or anyone you know needs to find pain relief (in their feet) so they can, as Keith would say, “stay in motion to always be in motion” attend our FREE Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis Workshop this Saturday March 10th, 10AM at 3899 W. Front Street. Click here or call 231-421-9300 to register.



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