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Knee Pain

Knee pain during walking or standing?

Do you live in Traverse city and have you been suffering with knee pain during walking or standing for long periods of time?  Have you been told by doctors in Traverse City that the only treatment that will help you is surgery? Is your knee pain limiting the amount of physical activity that you get?  Have you been told that you have arthritis or bone on bone in your knee? Did you recently get diagnosed with a meniscus tear and were told surgery is the only answer?
If you live in Traverse City and answered yes to any of these questions and you want a treatment that provides permanent relief from your knee pain you are in the right place.

Did you know?

Did you know that new research has proven that 60% of people over the age of 55 have a meniscus tear but have no pain?  Did you know that new research indicates that surgery for a meniscus tear provides no better results than physical therapy?  If you have knee pain and have been diagnosed with a meniscus tear or arthritis it is extremely common to be told by surgeons here in Traverse City that surgery is the only answer.  This is simply not true.  To get permanent relief from your knee pain you must get a treatment that looks at the entire body. The knee is connected directly to the hip and the foot.  If the foot and hip are not moving properly your knee is stuck in the middle with nowhere to go and will begin to get stressed out.  This increase stress will cause inflammation and pain.  The good news is that the knee pain specialists here at Superior Physical Therapy are trained to look at the entire kinetic chain in order to find a permanent solution to your knee pain regardless if you have arthritis or a meniscus tear.

Natural relief from your knee pain

If you are looking for natural relief from your knee pain that is permanent and doesn’t require high risk treatment such as surgery, then Superior Physical Therapy is the right fit for you.  We are specialists in providing natural relief to meniscus tears, knee arthritis, ACL tears, patellofemoral pain syndromes, and post knee replacement recovery.  The treatment provided by our specialists is world class and the best in Traverse City.  In order to begin addressing your knee pain call 231.944.6541 to set up your whole body movement assessment by our knee specialists here at Superior Physical Therapy.

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