Pain Free Shoulders


Pain Free Shoulders

Pain Free Shoulders

Words From the Patient

In this week’s blog we’re letting our past patients brag about how we helped them find pain free movement, specifically in their shoulders.

Shoulder PainAt 55 years old, I have a history of challenges with my shoulders related to sports and trauma and I realized my body was not as flexible as it used to be, probably contributing to shoulder issues, sometimes pain and arms falling asleep at night. So, I came to the shoulder workshop and met Ben and decided to try some physical therapy to assess where my body needs more attention and get recommendations to support my shoulders. After 3 sessions, I had some great take away exercises to continue to support my body’s needs. – Carol Schwab12

Small motion aggravated my shoulder more than larger heavy motion. I love to knit and sew quilts on a machine. These activities aggravated my shoulder and caused pain under the shoulder blade. Nick was able to explain how the pain was caused, which the doctors couldn’t do. I was confident the cause could be diagnosed and prevention of pain could be accomplished here at Superior. I am now knitting daily for hours without pain, which I have not been able to do for several months. Not being able to knit caused me emotional pain, which was more detrimental than the physical pain. Now I am free of both! – Judith BellShoulder-rotator-cuff-tear-healing

I’m totally sold into the practice’s philosophy that dysfunctions other than shoulder impingement contribute to the problem, I.E. thorasic and scapula mobility issues aggravate the shoulders. Similar for my lower back and knee pain. Doctors Alex and Brittany did an outstanding job of improving my shoulder, lower back and knee problems. Much better than traditional physical therapy.😊 Dr. Alex was exceptionally good. – Don Watkinsshoulder_pain3

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