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Patient Testimonials

Brian Murray – Chronic Back Pain Relief

Brian had chronic back pain for years. He felt like an old man until he found Superior Physical Therapy. Watch Brian’s life-changing story of his total recovery from chronic back pain and the things he’s learned along the way. Read his story below.

I was suffering from chronic pain for a long time. And if you’re suffering from chronic pain for an extended period, it becomes part of your lifestyle. Unfortunately, it becomes your way of life. I had been a runner, a pretty serious runner, and I had to stop running at some point. The longer I put off dealing with the chronic pain, the lower and lower my quality of life became, until in the end, I found myself, literally, sitting on a couch for a year straight.

I told him on my last day of therapy, I said, “Brother, you changed my life.”

Dr. Gorecki’s videos popped up somewhere. I don’t remember where I first saw them, but I did. That’s the important thing: I found them. Eventually I met Dr. Drew. I told him on my last day of therapy, I said, “Brother, you changed my life.”

He and I worked together and had a partnership. He had kind of a high bar, you know, and he actually wanted me to do the exercises – how radical! And I thought, you know, I feel something working. I feel like I’m getting to it. At the other places, I never felt like I was making progress.

I never appreciated that I could move my way out of pain.

The other thing that was different was that he showed me how important it was to not to baby myself and to stop sitting. I had to get moving. I didn’t know that. For all the time that I spent running and stretching, doing yoga and all these things, I never appreciated that I could move my way out of pain.

I started to feel better. I really started to feel better. Thankfully our insurance was able to to cover it and so I was in regularly, the more often I came, the stronger I was getting. It was difficult for me to get in as often as I would like in the beginning, but when I started coming more often and more regularly, that’s when things started to take off. That’s when things really started to change.

I was broken and I was turning into an old man.

The thumbnail is that I was broken. I was broken and I was turning into an old man. I didn’t want that, and I didn’t think there was anything that I could do about it. Until I came to Superior.

As an added bonus I’ve dropped about 35 pounds since I started coming here. So that just shows that I’m able to do more. I can walk now!

I had a goal that I wanted to be able to kick a hacky sack again. I wanted to play hacky sack. Drew said, “Then we’re gonna play hacky sack. By the time we’re done, we’re gonna play hacky sack.” And that’s what we did. I would bring my hacky sack, and we’d kick it around. That’s just an example of the way that he would motivate me. He always wanted me to work smarter, not harder. He’d say, “Don’t overdo.” I’m a big over-doer. I’m either a no doer or an over-doer. He helped me find that sweet spot.

I’m pain free about 99 % of the time!

So now, everything’s great. So many things are are better. I feel better. My mood has changed, and my outlook has changed. And it’s all because I’m managing the pain. For the most part, I’m pain free about 99 % of the time!

I have told people – if they mention that they’re in some pain, or if they’ve got an injury. I’ll say go to Superior. Go over and see what they’ve got going on over there. It’s really different. It’s really good, and it’s effective. And I just can’t say enough good things about Superior!