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SI Joint Pain

Pain in your lower back off to one side?

Are you currently in the Traverse City area and struggling with pain in your lower back off to one side?  Do you have symptoms of pain on one side of your back when you sit down?  Have you been told your pain is coming from your sacroiliac joint?  Have you had an x-ray or MRI that came back negative yet you continue to have symptoms of pain in the SI joint and you are searching for permanent relief from your SI joint pain?  Have you recently gone through child birth and you are now left with the symptoms of SI joint pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you live in Traverse City you are in the right place. Sacroiliac pain can be frustrating to deal with and even harder to find a provider who understands how to provide permanent pain relief and not just temporary symptom treatments. At Superior Physical Therapy, we are the SI joint specialists in Traverse City.  We understand that SI joint pain is undetectable on MRI’s or X-rays.  We understand that sacroiliac joint pain is very common to occur during and after pregnancy but can happen to anyone at any age.  We understand that SI joint pain usually increases with sitting and commonly has pain or numbness or tingling that travels down the front of the leg and sometimes in the groin or pelvic region. It can be very frustrating to deal with and often the common options given by doctors are treatments to relieve the pain but not the problem causing the pain.

Providing you with permanent relief

Our treatment focuses on providing permanent relief by finding a solution that deals with the actual cause. The actual cause is very rarely the SI joint itself but the areas above and below the SI joint moving poorly and causing stress into the SI joint.  The SI joint itself has very little motion available.  If it is asked to do more motion than it is designed to do it will begin to be stressed out and get damaged/inflamed.  We know that Sacroiliac joint is influence and affected by the areas above and below the joint.  The areas above and below include the lower back and upper back mobility as well as the areas below which include the hips and the feet.  If we lose motion in any of these areas this can cause an increase in stress in the SI joints and the increase stress leads to inflammation and pain. Some examples of poor motion above the SI joint are limited rotation in the upper spine.  This is a very common motion loss.  When we are walking, it is required for us to swing our arms. The swinging of our arms creates rotation in the upper spine.  If the spine does not have rotation the arms will still swing but the rotation will come from the areas below the upper spine which include the lumbar spine and the SI joint.  This can create compression and inflammation in the SI Joint.  The successful treatment here would be to increase the rotation in the upper spine to reduce the rotation in the SI joints.

Another example of how the areas below the SI joint can be the cause are lack of rotation in the hips.  Using a golfer as an example because the swing requires a massive amount of hip rotation.  If the golfer becomes limited in the hip rotation the areas above and below the hips will be asked to rotate more. This would include the SI joints which would become stressed and inflamed. The treatment for this Si joint pain would be to increase the hip rotation.  Almost all of Sacroiliac joint pain is caused by areas above and below the actual joint itself.

To find a permanent solution to relieve the joint pain you must treat the dysfunction

If you have pain that is reproducible with motion, then it is logical to say that the solution is to improve the motion that is reproducing the pain.  The experts in improving motion are the Sacroiliac specialists here at Superior Physical Therapy.  The first step in finding relief is to identify the type of back pain you are experiencing and then find the actual movement dysfunction that is causing the pain.  To learn more about SI joint pain either call our office to schedule an assessment 231.944.6541 or attend one of our free Low Back Pain and Sciatica workshops where we discuss SI joint dysfunction by clicking the link here

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