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StretchME – Assisted Stretching for Wellness in Traverse City, MI

StretchMe is a unique wellness concept, offering one-on-one and group assisted stretching for increased mobility and better movement, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

StretchMe is the most remarkably simple thing you can do to move and feel better.

After checking in for your one-on-one stretch, your highly trained stretchologist will talk to you about your limitations and your goals for improving your overall health and mobility.

Your twenty-five or fifty minute stretch will take place on one of our benches or the state of the art TrueStretch and feels incredible.

Your stretch may be combined with vibration technology using the Hypervolt.

After your session, your body will feel loose and strong. You’ll be energized and ready to tackle all that your day has yet to throw at you.

Or try one of our group sessions led by our certified Strectchologist in a small group, relaxed setting.

You’ll learn proper stretching techniques, stretches that target your unique problem areas and ways to challenge yourself and keep improving. You’ll also learn how to use stretching tools like foam rollers, and stretching straps.

People of all ages and fitness goals benefit from assisted stretching for increased mobility and better movement.

If you continually perform stretch therapy two to three times per week, range of motion increases become more permanent. Connective tissue structures and resting muscle length will adapt to the stretch therapy and maintain improved flexibility.

No matter which option you choose, one-on-one personalized attention, or our small group stretch sessions, StretchMe is your partner to better wellness, increased mobility and strength, so you can live your very best life. 


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