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The Anatomy of the Shoulder
The Anatomy of the Shoulder
What an amazing part of the body the shoulder is! It’s the most complex joint in the body as well as the most mobile. In fact, it has the most mobility of any joint the body. The…
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Sitting is the New Smoking- Understanding Hip Dysfunctions Part 2
Discover How to Relief Pain From Sitting Do you sit for more than 2 hours per day? Did you know research indicates it only takes 2 hours of sitting before your muscles begin to…
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Knee Pain (Self Test)
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Sciatica (Self Test)
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Research Articles

BMJ: Guideline Strongly Recommends Against Arthroscopy for ‘Nearly All’ Patients With Knee OA or Meniscal Tears
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CDC: Arthritis Affects 1 in 4 in US; More Emphasis on Physical Activity Needed
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Consumer's Awareness Guide To Physical Therapy

4 Physical Therapy Rip-offs
7 Mistakes When Choosing A Physical Therapy Clinic
6 Costly Misconceptions About Physical Therapy

Welcome to Superior Physical Therapy-
Traverse City, MI

“Superior is all about your priorities, professional service, a satisfying experience, best value, and your success. We want you to feel at ease when you come to visit us and to feel great about yourself when you leave. Our approach is highly individualized to optimize natural healing and to return you to doing more of what you live for. Our friendly hometown values combined with world-class movement science creates a difference you will notice immediately and will appreciate always. Every day people like you choose Superior to make their life better. It would be our privilege to talk with you about your wants, needs, and questions.”

Dr. Andrew Gorecki
CEO, Founder


  • Jessica Wier

    I started my physical therapy program with Ben and Sarah a couple of months ago, I suffer from cervical degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs. I was in immense pain for about 10 years and could no longer stand the pain. I could not bike ride, or do simple daily activities without a certain level of pain. Sarah and Ben improved my flexibility, mobility, and strength. I no longer feel the pain I did prior to physical therapy, they have given me the tools to apply to my daily routine and exercises that help me improve daily. I would highly recommend Superior Therapy to anyone and many thanks to Sarah and Ben!!

  • Jan Van Maanen

    My PT story is about my dog, Frankie, whom I rescued two years ago from deplorable conditions. Her favorite activities with me are kayaking and biking. This all came to a screeching halt in June after I pinched a nerve in my right “wing”. As much pain as I was in, it caused me more pain to see the sadness in her eyes wondering why we couldn’t enjoy activities together anymore. I knew I had to do something so reached out to Superior Physical Therapy. After ten weeks of hard work and determination, I am healed. Thank you Kaylee and Drew for giving me and Frankie our active life back again!

  • Don Thomas

    After 40 years, 8 surgeries, and a recent injury, I have finally met the team that could help me regain my strength, flexibility and balance. This gives me new confidence to remain active so I can enjoy my favorite activities.

    Thank you Sarah and Taylor for taking the time to find my weaknesses and help me through the work. All the best!

  • Deborah Hedrington

    My Neurologist suggested I try PT again. Yes, I mean again. I had tried PT, along with other multiple therapies years ago after an auto accident in Sept. of 2016, to get rid of a headache that never goes away. 24/7. Day. Night. Every. Single. Day. 365 days a year.

    I admit I was skeptical, but I am not a quitter and am willing to try whatever I can to get rid of them. I am so HAPPY I did!

    Thank you Taylor, Megan and Kaylee for the program, home exercises, patience, guidance, techniques and knowledge that you shared with me. I noticed that I am a lot more flexible from my shoulders to my mid-back as well.

    But most shocking for me is that after 5 years, my headaches are greatly reduced and hopefully, as I continue my exercises, one day will be completely gone.

  • Jennifer Ludwig

    I had always hear other people complain about going to PT, describing it at best as an inconvenience. I was nervous about going because I feared my back pain’s root cause was the fused left ankle I was born with, and that there would not be a way to improve the problem.

    After meeting with Taylor for the first time, she said, “Of course your situation is not hopeless! There are always things we can do to help.” This brought tears to my eyes, because I had been in pain for years – much longer than my recent extreme back pain.

    Taylor prescribed 14 sessions of PT and to my astonishment, after 2 or 3 sessions, I began experiencing relief of my excruciating back pain. As our time progressed, not only was my back pain completely gone, I began to see mobility improvement in many other parts of my life. I am moving now in ways I haven’t been able to in years.

  • Julianne Slater

    I came to Sarah at Superior Physical Therapy a mess. She taught me so many new ways to move and stretch. I think of myself as pretty savvy when it comes to movement as I am a dancer, practice yoga and Pilates, former runner, and a good swimmer. I have a new and varied repertoire of stretches, core strengtheners, and overall strength exercises to compliment my activities and continue doing all the things I want to do.

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  • Mike Acton

    I was very stiff and not flexible in my mid-back and hips. I feel normal and flexible again. Very happy with the treatment. I truly believe in applied functional science for physical therapy. Can’t thank you enough Alex!

  • Deb Johnson

    “When I first came to Superior PT, I had very little mobility and pain with anything overhead or lying on my right side. After working with the 2 Andrew’s I can sleep on my right side, reach overhead without pain and most importantly…look through an entire upper rack of clothing without burning pain! It was definitely worth the drive to Traverse City from Lake Leelanau twice a week. I’ll miss seeing you! Drew! P.S. Drew made coming in fun! His big smile and cheerful attitude made me almost forget I was working hard. “


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